Four-Panel Baffle Bag
Four (4) panel bulk bags (FIBC) have seams along four separate pieces of fabric that are sewn together to construct the body of the bag as well as having the top and bottom panels sewn in.
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U-Panel Bag
U-Panel bulk bags (FIBC) have one (1) continuous piece of fabric for a side, bottom, and opposite side panel creating a “U” shape. The remaining sides and top panel are then sewn in to construct the bag.
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Circular Bag​
Circular bulk bags (FIBC) have a circular/tubular body that is a seamless, with only a top and bottom panel sewn into the bag. Circular style bags are ideal for fine and hydroscopic materials.
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Type-C Bag​
Type C FIBCs are made from non-conductive polypropylene fabrics interwoven with conducting threads, normally sewn in a grid pattern, that connect the bag to ground via a grounding point. Used safely when flammable solvents or gases are present in the bag.
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Food Grade Bag
Food grade FIBC bags are manufactured using 100 percent virgin polypropylene resin. This means the resin used for manufacturing FIBC is free from any recycled material that could potentially contaminate the food you intend to carry in the bag.
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Type-D Bag
Type D FIBCs are made from static protective fabric designed to safely prevent the occurrence of incendiary sparks, brush discharges and propagating brush discharges, without the need for a connection from the bulk bag to ground or earth.
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Container Liner​
Dry bulk container liners shielding the bulk cargo from moisture, contamination and ensuring safety and hygienic transport method.Liners are used in many industries to store and transport chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, agricultural products, seeds and food products.
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Produced with quality barrier films to keep products safe from moisture, oxygen, and light while also offering a long and attractive shelf life.
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Flexible Film Roll Stock
High-quality printed and laminate films. A cost-effective, customizable solution for packaging goods that require high-performance protection.
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