Food Grade Bag

TCG manufacturing facilities meet all the industrial grade specifications, including complete clean-room facilities. Our FIBC bags are manufactured using 100% pure virgin materials (polypropylene resin) and are free from any recycled material that could potentially contaminate the food you intend to carry in the bag.

  • Complies to Industrial Grade FIBC specifications
  • All the components in contact with the customer’s product must be of food grade
  • Material (both coated and uncoated fabrics, liners) Migration Test Reports i.e comply to European Regulation 1935/2004 and 2002/72/EC European directive plus its last regulation 10/2011 are available
  • All the stitches must be outside the FIBC
  • If the FIBCs have a printing, paints must be of food grade
  • Non-fray fabric edges – i.e called CCP
  • All the staff must be regularly health-screened for any infections to eliminate any risk of contamination
  • Any possibility of contamination both inside and outside the FIBC must be eliminated
  • During palletizing of FIBCs, both coated PP fabric and PE films are used for covering.
  • All the stitches must be outside the FIBC
  • If the FIBCs have a printing, paints must be of food grade
  • All the components in contact with the customer’s product are 100% pure, virgin PP/PE. Usage of recycled materials are strictly prohibited
  • All the workplates in production zones are made of stainless steel
  • Pallets are made of plastics
  • Air supplied to the inside of the blown film is filtered by HEPA H13 filters
  • FIBCs are passed into magnetic detectors (ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel detectable)i.e called CCP
  • Fabric Coating, liner production and fabric cutting are processed at the completely closed zones against the dust. Pressure in the closed-zones is higher  with respect to outer environment
  • Rooms are supplied with positive pressurized and filtered (>G3) air
  • Centralized vacuum cleaning system is used for cleaning the floors and all the sewing machines are also connected to the central  vacuum system for impurity suction.
  • No teflon and fiberglass use in production zones
  • All lubricants used in food grade production zones comply to FDA regulations
  • Process air (pressurized air) is evacuated outside
  • Hot cutting fumes are evacuated from the production environment

Other Products

Type-C Bag

Type C bags have interwoven conductive threads which are all reliably interconnected and MUST BE GROUNDED. They are additionally equipped with conductive loops in order to achieve contact to the hoist system, making sure this is possible.

Type-D Bag

Type D FIBCs are made from static protective fabric designed to safely prevent the occurrence of incendiary sparks, brush discharges and propagating brush discharges, without the need for a connection from the bulk bag to ground or earth.

Container Liner

Dry bulk container liners shielding bulk cargo from moisture contamination and ensuring a safe and hygienic transport method. Liners are used in many industries to store and transport chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, agricultural products, seeds, and food products.

Flexible Film Roll Stock

High-quality printed and laminate films. A cost-effective, customizable solution for packaging goods that require high-performance protection.

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Food Grade Bag