Quality, it’s in our bag.

Transcontinental Group is committed to getting our customers the Right Bag, at the Right Time, and at the Right Price. As part of this commitment, we take quality to the next level. Transcontinental Group is one of the only companies in the Americas that we are aware of, to have our own employees in the factories to make certain the highest levels of quality. When we say that we are getting you the Right Bag, we are there every step of the way through the manufacturing process. We take quality seriously.

• 100% vertically integrated manufacturing facility generating exceptional service & quality control.
• Partnering with the most modern production facilities in the industry to produce the highest quality standards with the most cost-efficient technologies.
• Total quality management and certification create the highest standards to meet the most critical industry demands.
• Throughout production, all components are tested and monitored via our in-house laboratories.
• TCG provides its own inspection agency to ensure that manufacturing facilities are up to date and with regulations.