Type-D Bag


  • Type D antistatic FIBCs are designed to be static safe from the point of view of electrostatic discharges from the fabric surface even when used unearthed. It is understood that if a sensitive flammable atmosphere exists the FIBC itself is only one potential source of electrostatic ignition and full antistatic precautions should be taken on all materials within the atmosphere.
  • Unlike Type C FIBC’s, Type D FIBC’s do not require grounding.
  • Can be used for the transportation of flammable powders, or when flammable solvents or gases are present around the FIBC..
  • It provides safety equal to a grounded Type C FIBC without the human error risk factor.
  • Type D fabric permits the dissipation of the charges in to the atmosphere by corona discharge.
  • A corona discharge is one form of an electrostatic discharge with a low energy, unlike sparks or brush discharges; it does not give way to ignition of flammable or explosive atmospheres. Chromic Blue
  • Only CROHMIQ®’s patented technology provides a level of safety equal to a properly grounded Type C FIBC, but without the risks of human error. For these reasons, leading global companies continue to switch from Type C FIBC to the optimum safety of CROHMIQ® FIBC.
  • CROHMIQ® fabric is FDA compliant.
  • Internationally recognized as the leading Type D static protective FIBC Fabric.
  • It is the only Type D fabric that will comply to the IEC61340 – 4 – 4 : 2005 standards

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