Food Grade Bag

  • Complies to Industrial Grade FIBC specifications
  • All the components in contact with the customer’s product must be of food grade
  • Material (both coated and uncoated fabrics, liners) Migration Test Reports i.e comply to European Regulation 1935/2004 and 2002/72/EC European directive plus its last regulation10/2011 are available
  • All the stitches must be outside the FIBC
  • If the FIBCs have a printing, paints must be of food grade
  • Non-fray fabric edges – i.e called CCP
  • All the staff must be regularly health-screened for any infections to eliminate any risk of contamination
  • Any possibility of contamination both inside and outside the FIBC must be eliminated
  • During palletizing of FIBCs, both coated PP fabric and PE films are used for covering.
  • All the stitches must be outside the FIBC
  • If the FIBCs have a printing, paints must be of food grade
  • All the components in contact with the customer’s product are 100% pure, virgin PP/PE. Usage of recycled materials are strictly prohibited
  • All the workplates in production zones are made of stainless steel
  • Pallets are made of plastics
  • Air supplied to the inside of the blown film is filtered by HEPA H13 filters
  • FIBCs are passed into magnetic detectors (ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel detectable)i.e called CCP
  • Fabric Coating, liner production and fabric cutting are processed at the completely closed zones against the dust. Pressure in the closed-zones is higher  with respect to outer environment
  • Rooms are supplied with positive pressurized and filtered (>G3) air
  • Centralized vacuum cleaning system is used for cleaning the floors and all the sewing machines are also connected to the central  vacuum system for impurity suction.
  • No teflon and fiberglass use in production zones
  • All lubricants used in food grade production zones comply to FDA regulations
  • Process air (pressurized air) is evacuated outside
  • Hot cutting fumes are evacuated from the production environment

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