About us

About Our Company

Transcontinental Group is a premier player in flexible bulk packaging industries.
Our products range from FIBC'S (super sacks), Sandbags, Poly Woven Bags, Paper Bags and Container Liners.

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rsz_factory_insideTranscontinental Group puts a great deal of time and resources into ensuring our products meet and exceed requirements. All of our manufacturing facilities are completely clean room, and each plant is subject to independent inspections. We employ multiple packaging experts, with 8+ years in the FIBC industry to design and inspect our bags from the yarn used in stitching all the way to the loops at the top. Our products undergo rigorous testing, from load-bearing trials to UV exposure. Our suppliers are certified Class A

Our Bags Come From:

Transcontinental has created long term partnership with leading manufacturers from India, Mexico, China and Turkey. We want to make sure our customers get continuous supply of our product. Therefore, we partner with manufacturing companies that have a minimum capacity of 500MT monthly.

Our Capacity:

  • We have a proven manufacturing capacity of 500,000 bags/month.
  • We also have manufacturing capacity of block bottom bags (valve bags) 4,500,000 bags/month.

TCG is one of the leading and top ranking suppliers in the FIBC industry.

Transcontinental has been selling bags into the U.S. for over 10 years

Transcontinental utilizes centralized warehousing in Houston TX, Dubuque IA, Newark NJ as well as contract warehousing throughout the country which maintains an inventory of the most common FIBC sizes, along with safety stock for our customers

Our Goal
Effective Enterprise Management
Right Bag Right Time
Exceeding Customer Expectation
Decreasing Cost of Process
Exceptional Customer Service
Strict Quality Control Process
Transcontinental Operations

We utilize three main factories in India, China and in India, Mexico Turkey all with the pre-requirement of the manufacturing facilities producing at least 500MT a month. As well as them being a total vertically integrated manufacturing plant.

  • Quality certificates include: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, AIB
  • 100,000 sq. foot Clean Room Operations
  • Distribution Centers are available throughout the nation to better serve our customers